Amigurumi Heart Crochet Tutorial | Crochet for Beginners

After many trial and errors, here is my newest crochet pattern of Amigurumi Heart, a perfect project for beginners.

Amigurumi has gained immense popularity for its charming and adorable creations. One project that captures hearts is the Amigurumi Heart. This crochet tutorial will guide you through the process of creating your own love-infused plush heart, perfect for gifting or adorning your space with handmade warmth.

Amigurumi Heart Crochet Pattern by Effi

Do not copy this pattern in any form and post it on the internet. If you wish to share this pattern, please provide a link to this page.

Some yarn you like
Crochet hook that feels right for your yarn
Fluffy stuff to fill it (polyfill or whatever)
Tapestry needle, scissors, stitch markers

Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
Inc: increase (make 2 sc in 1 stitch)
Dec: decrease/invisible decrease (make 2 stitches into 1 stitch)

This pattern is working continuously in the round. Put a stitch marker in every first stitch in a round.

Start with Magic Ring.
1: In a Magic Ring, sc 10 [total 10 stitches]
2: Inc, sc 3, inc, inc, sc 3, inc [14]
3: Inc, sc 5, inc, inc, sc 5, inc [18]
4: Inc, sc 8, sc 8, inc [20]
5: Inc, sc 9, sc 9, inc [22]
6: Inc, sc 10, sc 10, inc [24]
7: Inc, sc 9, dec, dec, sc 9, inc [24]
8: Inc, sc 9, dec, dec, sc 9, inc [24]
9: Dec, sc 9, inc, inc, sc 9, dec [24]
10: Dec, sc 9, inc, inc, sc 9, dec [24]
11: Dec, sc 10, sc 10, dec [22]
12: Dec, sc 9, sc 9, dec [20]
13: Dec, sc 8, sc 8, dec [18]
14: Dec, sc 5, dec, dec, sc 5, dec [14]
15: Dec, sc 3, dec, dec, sc 3, dec [10]
Use tapestry needle to close the ring.

I also make this Amigurumi Heart step by step tutorial in my Youtube channel.

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