Baby Ear Warmer Headband Crochet Pattern

Making this easy, cute, adorable crochet headband with flower about 7 months ago, now I want to share the pattern here.

baby ear warmer headband crochet pattern

easy ear warmer headband crochet pattern

Baby Headband / Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern, With Flower (size 3-6 months)

by Effi GratiaProject.com

You will need:
Worsted weight yarn (I used Lily Sugar n Cream)
Size G6/4mm Crochet Hook
Tapestry needle

ch – chain
st – stitch
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
tr – treble crochet
sk – skip

1. ch 16
2. V-stitch (dc, ch 1, dc) in the 5th st from hook, sk 2 st, *(dc,ch1,dc), sk 2 st, repeat * 2 more times, sk 1, dc, ch 3, turn
3. rep step 2 (19) times more
4. break yarn

For more flexible sizes, you can sew the elastic end to the back side of head band.

Making flower:
1. make magic circle
2. ch 1, sc in the 2nd ch from hook, sc in the next 9 st (10 sc)
3. ch 1, sc in the same st, ch 5, sl st in the next st, sc in the next st, ch 5, sl st in the next st, rep * 3 more times (total 5 petals)
4. (sc, hdc, dc, tr, ch2, tr, dc, hdc, sc) into each loop
5. cut the yarn, weave ends

Sew flower into the head band. Weave all ends.

Enjoy your new head band.


  1. Hi. I’m a beginner. I feel that I can make this. I’ve used all these stitches before. You did not show how to close the headband. Can you provide that please.

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