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Crochet Amigurumi Ball

crochet amigurumi ball

Today I’m going to share with you my tutorial about how to crochet Amigurumi Ball. It also a perfect project if you want to make soft baby toy.

In this video tutorial, I am using Stylecraft Special DK yarn, and crochet hook size 5/0 – 3mm.

Watch video tutorial about how to crochet amigurumi ball.


Youtube Channel: @GratiaProject
Jan 10, 2019


(US Crochet Terms)

MR: Magic Ring
st(s): stitch(es)
sl st: slip stitch
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
inc: increase (make 2 sc in the same space)
dec: decrease (sc2tog) – use Invisible Decrease for better result
[#]: number of stitche(s) in a round


Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK
Hook: 5/0 – 3mm


Note: Working in the round. Use stitch marker to mark first stitch in every round.


Round 1: In a Magic Ring, sc 7 [7 sts]
Round 2: (Inc) [14 sts]
Round 3: (Sc, inc) x7 [21 sts]
Round 4: (Sc, sc, inc) x7 [28 sts]
Round 5 – 9: Sc in each stitch [28 sts]
Round 10: (Sc, sc, dec) x7 [21 sts]
Round 11: (Sc, dec) x7 [14 sts]
Round 12: Dec x7 [7 sts]

Cut the yarn. Fasten off.


Pattern site: https://www.gratiaproject.com/crochet-amigurumi-ball.htm

Visit my website: https://www.gratiaproject.com
Youtube Channel: @GratiaProject

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Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK Yarn https://amzn.to/359BPF5

Crochet hook: Hamanaka Crochet Hook Set https://amzn.to/2F7HCQU

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