Knitting Wool Diaper Soaker For Charlotte

Lately, I’ve been busy knitting wool diaper soaker for my baby girl. She just celebrating her first birthday, and I feel a little bit regret that I don’t know about this diaper soaker before. I think it’s better to late than never.

The first time I made a diaper soaker is using Lion Brand’s Fishermen Wool, color Natural. I didn’t die the yarn. It turns out to be great. Charlotte wore it during nighttime, and it didn’t leaked at all. And it didn’t smell bad like when she wore her PUL cloth diaper.

I was so happy that I ordered new yarn, Cascade 220 with 100% Peruvian Highland Wool from my favorite online shop. I also used the same diaper soaker knitting pattern from Curly Purly. Love the pattern so much because I don’t need the string because the soaker is very stretchy like regular pants. I used an insert from the old cloth diaper (with liner) inside the diaper soaker.

wool diaper soaker knitting pattern

handmade knit wool diaper soaker

handmade wool diaper soaker

knitting wool diaper soaker

knitting diaper soaker

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