Sheep Crochet Pencil Case Tutorial

Here is my newest crochet tutorial, Sheep Amigurumi Pencil Case!

Sheep Crochet Pencil Case Pattern by Effi

Pattern by Effi

Milk cotton 8-ply yarn (color light-brown and white)
Crochet hook size 4 mm Etimo crochet hook
Polyester fiber fill
Safety eyes size 7 mm
Stitch marker: Clover Needlecraft Split Ring Markers
Tapestry needle
Zipper YKK minimum 20 cm

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st(s): stitch(es)
sl st: slip stitch
MR: Magic Ring
R: Round
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
[#]: number of stitch(es) in a round
inc: increase (make 2 sc in the same space)
dec: decrease (sc2tog)

For the Head Pattern, use Invisible Decrease for better result. Using invisible decrease (dec) instead of sc2tog is recommended when making amigurumi; you can’t even tell that the stitches are decreasing. To do Invisible Decrease, insert hook through front loop of the first stitch, then through the front loop of the next stitch (3 loops on hook). Yarn over and draw through the first two loops on the hook (2 loops on hook now). Yarn over and draw through both loops on the hook. Invisible decrease completed.

For the hair and body (loop stitch), use regular decrease.

– Finished size: length 17 cm (excluding the head), diameter 5.5 cm
– The pattern is worked continuously in the round unless otherwise stated.
– Use stitch marker to mark first stitch in a round.

HEAD PATTERN (light-brown yarn)
Make a slip knot, then ch 7
R1: (start from 2nd loop from hook) inc, sc 4, 3sc, (then continue to the other side) sc 4, sc [total 14 sts]
R2: (sc, inc, sc 4, inc) x2 [18 sts]
R3: (sc, inc, sc 5, inc, sc) x2 [22 sts]
R4: sc in each st around [22 sts]
R5: (sc, dec, sc 5, dec, sc) x2 [18 sts]
R6: sc in each st around [18 sts]
R7: (sc, dec, sc 3, dec, sc) x2 [14 sts]
R8: sc in each st around [14]
R9: sc in each st around [14]
Cut the yarn and slip stitch to the next stitch.
Insert 7 mm safety eyes between R7 and R8, 2 stitches apart.
Insert poly fiber

HAIR PATTERN (white yarn)
Make a slip knot, attach the yarn with slip stitch.
R10: make loop stitch is each st around [14 sts] 
R11: dec x7 [7 sts]
Cut the yarn, use tapestry needle to close the hole.

EAR PATTERN (light-brown yarn)
R1: in a Magic Ring, sc 6 [6 sts]
R2: inc x6 [12 sts]
Use tapestry needle to attach both ears.


BODY PATTERN (white yarn)
R1: in a Magic Ring, sc 6 [6 sts]
R2: using all loop stitch, increase x6 [12 sts]
R3: (sc, inc) x6 [18 sts]
R4: (sc, sc, inc) x6 [24 sts]
R5: ch 1, turn, sc back loop 23 [total 23 sts]
R6: ch 1, turn, sc front loop 23 [total 23 sts]
R7: ch 1, turn, sc back loop 23 [total 23 sts]
Repeat R6 and R7 until you reach certain length. For mine, it’s until R28.
Add regular sc (NOT loop), in the last stitch, so total stitches become 24.
R29: connect the round with regular sc (NOT loop), insert a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of R29. From Ha use all front loop stitch: sc, dec, (sc, sc, dec) x5 [total 18 sts]
R30: (sc, dec) x6 [12 sts]
R31: dec x6 [6 sts]
Cut the yarn and use tapestry needle to close the hole.

Watch my video tutorial on Gratia Project’s Youtube channel.


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