Tulip Flower Crochet Pattern

– Pattern is working continuously in the round.
– Use stitch marker to mark first stitch in a round.

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Soft cotton yarn 5 ply, color pink, green, dark brown, and brown
Crochet hook size 4.5mm Etimo crochet hook
Polyester fiber
Stitch marker: Clover Needlecraft Split Ring Markers
Tapestry needle
Stick or wire for the stem
Floral tape (green paper tape) to bind wired and taped leaves together.


st(s): stitch(es)
sl st: slip stitch
MR: Magic Ring
R: Round
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
sc3tog: single crochet 3 stitches together, or decrease 3 stitches into 1 stitch. 
[#]: number of stitch(es) in a round
inc: increase (make 2 sc in the same space)
dec: decrease (sc2tog) – use Invisible Decrease for better result. Using invisible decrease (dec) instead of sc2tog is very recommended when making amigurumi; you can’t even tell that the stitches are decreasing.

To do Invisible Decrease, insert hook through front loop of the first stitch, then through the front loop of the next stitch (3 loops on hook). Yarn over and draw through the first two loops on the hook (2 loops on hook now). Yarn over and draw through both loops on the hook. Invisible decrease completed.


Start with Magic Ring.
R1: In a MR, sc 6 [6 sts]
R2: Inc x6 [12 sts]
R3: (Sc, inc) x6 [18 sts]
R4: (Sc 2, inc) x6 [24 sts]
R5-12: Sc in each st around [24 sts]
End with sl st, cut the yarn, leaving approximately 25cm yarn tail.
Fill it with polyester fiber.
Use stitch marker to mark half of the flower.
With a tapestry needle, join the edge with the opposite edge. Then bring the other ends together to form a tulip flower. Sew 2-3 times so that it is strong enough. Fasten-off and cut the yarn. Insert the remaining yarn into the flower.

Pattern for the Leaves:
Ch 18.
Start from the 2nd loop: sl st, sl st, sc, sc, hdc until the last 4 loops, sc, sc, sl st, sl st.
Repeat the pattern for the other side.
Fasten-off and cut the yarn.

Pattern for the Flower Pot:
Start with Magic Ring.
R1: In a MR, sc 7 [7 sts]
R2: Inc x7 [14 sts]
R3: (Sc, inc) x7 [21 sts]
R4: (Sc 2, inc) x7 [28 sts]
R5: (Sc 5, inc) x7 [35 sts]
End R5 with sl st.
Ch 1, turn, sl st in each st around.
Ch 1, turn. This step creates stronger base for the body of the flower pot.
R6-12: Sc in each st around in BOTH loops [35 sts]
R13: (Sc 3, dec) x7 [28 sts]
R14-16: Sc in each st around [28 sts]
Fasten-off and cut the yarn.

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